Contacting the Other Side Show

Have you ever lost a loved one and just KNOW that they are still with you? Have you ever wondered whether life exists after death? Rachel Rains invites you to experience the opportunity to explore the unknown as she uses her phenomenal psychic abilities and medium-ship skills to bring through messages from “the other side.” You will have the opportunity to be called from the audience and receive a personal channeled message from a loved one who has passed on.

You will receive verifiable information that will leave you convinced that life goes on and our loved ones remain connected to us for all eternity.

Rachel has been contacting the other side with amazing accuracy for more than 20 years. An evening with Rachel will leave you amazed and thoroughly satisfied!

“Rachel is one of the most accurate psychics I’ve ever met. Her ability to connect in with those “beyond veil” is spot-on. The messages she brings back provide comfort and evidence for those seeking answers. She has been a presenter at our Body Mind Spirit Festivals for over 10 years and plays to over flowing crowds.”

Cindy Saul,
Editor/Publisher of phenomeNEWS and Host of Cindy and Friends on CBS radio.

Lynn Young (Soulaire) Channels "G"

Lynn Young (Soulaire), who holds a seat on the Council  of the Masters of God Consciousness, is a nationally known, published author and speaker. The book Being talks about how the spiritual journey begins the moment of your birth. It is the moment you are closest to God.  And as you grow, you leave it and then spend a lifetime trying to go back to the very God you once knew. The greatest journey begins when one stops looking for God outside of self and begins an involution to bring the indwelling God to a state of Being in their life. The only way to do this is to set aside everything you think you know and come at this journey with a desire to learn. God is not words. God is a feeling. With great wisdom,  insight and humor, Soulaire teaches us unique, tangible steps to find and connect to our divine master within. 

Soulaire channels "G", a being  whose powerful message is to awaken the ancient teachings that were hidden from us when we took on the human condition. Many people who have been in the presence of "G" have shared that they have experienced the feeling of God, unconditional love.

Have the opportunity to receive messages from the Other Side with Rachel as well enlightened messages from Soulaire and "G"
all in one night!

Upcoming Show Schedule

February 13th 6:30 pm Birmingham, MI Birmingham Unitarian Church 38651 Woodward Ave. Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304 $40 per person ($2 processing fee) Order Tickets Now! 
February 19th 6:30 pm Minnetonka, MN 11300 Minnetonka Mills Road, Suite G1 Minnetonka, MN 55305 $50 per person ($2 processing fee) Order Tickets Now! 
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