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March 2nd - March 9th

posted Mar 3, 2009, 10:28 PM by David Griffith
Be prepared to examine your relationships as the week comes closer to its end. Put in another way; you will begin experiencing your own emotional issues as others reflect them to you in relationships. By weeks end and into next week you will experience a catalyst of change - whether that be growth or rejection.

Self-worth or self-esteem issues are the root cause of tribulations this week. Reassert your value by applying your talents and skills rather than focusing on what others expect. This week is a good time to make the changes or begin new projects which reflect you. By weeks end your goals should be outlined.

Today and Monday are your best days for socializing. Wednesday is perhaps your best day to create. The smallest gesture on your part of clearing your mind and focusing your vision of desires will allow creative powers to begin manifesting.

Monday is a key day. Use your intuitive observations to watch for the "message" in conflict or challenges. Whatever adversity you face Monday is ready to be overcome and used as a source of great growth and change. The rest of the week is time for practicing and applying your new personality trait.

Tuesday is a very good day for social activities, though you may not get your way or be the center of attention. What you should be looking for are clues to personal growth Is there some quality you could add to your character that would enhance your charisma? Thursday and Friday will give you a chance to consciously express those new qualities.

Independent thought is important this week. The more you can separate your thoughts and beliefs from those of others the better off you will be. You want to clear your mind and reaffirm your personal ideas and views so that the right seeds are planted which will grow what is right for you. Mid-week is a pivotal time to use your deepest perceptions to see what is really going on.

If you are put off by some relationship experiences it is a sign that you are out of harmony with yourself. Do not take things personal and get your feelings hurt. Be real and independent. Now is the time to show your unique personal traits that are dependable, such as truth, justice and fairness. These are your core assets as a Libra.

Today and tomorrow are bound to bring tensions in social and personal relationships. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Romance certainly is an easy place to make a win-win situation. Speak carefully and thoughtfully on Wednesday, your words carry greater weight then.

Much of your time between now and Thursday is a winding and tightening of the forces which create change. Thursday and next Sunday are key days for you to make some radical changes. Take charge of your life now to use this time for your benefit.

You are barely on the radar this week when it comes to personal issues. In cases like this it usually means the calm before the storm. Look carefully at your actions throughout the week. If you are doing what you know is right and needed then you will be creating good things soon.

You are coming into a busy time where ideas and your personal traits are rewarded. You do change quite well - so this week will be rewarding for those of you who are applying yourself towards goals or defining moments. If you are loved for your quirks - than expect an abundance of nurturing and care.

You are a reflection of your environment. Placing yourself in the optimal conditions, with the right people, will bring you the opportunities you desire. This is a good time reassess your desires and to allot your time and energy toward those conditions that breed success - like attracts like, which is your motto.