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March 29th - April 5th

posted Mar 30, 2009, 12:36 PM by David Griffith
A fruitful and abundant week lies ahead. Stay focused and on task. You will find yourself reaping the rewards of good deeds & good seeds previously planted. Spring is in the air and in your step. Get outdoors and enjoy! Love is all around you!
Satisfaction guaranteed. You love things just so and are willing to put in the energy for it to be. Consider your task completed. This week is for fun and play. Find your beat, your vibration - let the music guide you. A stranger appears at your door, let them in.
Take a few moments to breathe this week. You have been asking for guidance, for clarity. Well, you have it now - slow down long enough to pay attention to your inner knowing. When you get out of your head and into your heart - magic happens! You never fail you! There are two of you, remember? Love yourself this week, you are enough.
This week arrives with lots of loose ends to tie up. Don't procrastinate - get to the tasks at hand early in the week. Allow yourself a long weekend to play! Open your heart to the children in your life, they've been wondering where you've been. Spend time with loved ones and don't forget to tell them how important they are to you. You love family - remember to celebrate that.
You're always on vacation, in your mind anyway. Playful Leo's are always game for a good time. This week provides plenty of play time - but don't neglect the office. Abundance is pouring in for happy lions this week, so be organized enough to handle the flow. Involve your partner in this flow - you'll be happy you did!
Togetherness is your theme this week. When you surround yourself with family and friends, you become the energizer bunny. Spend the time with loved ones, get your tank refilled - next week promises to bring new adventures and major changes. Did I mention change to a Virgo? It's okay, all is for highest good!
The spotlight is on you this week. Turn that frown upside down, and shine, shine, shine. Unexpected accolades are headed your way - could a bonus be far behind? You will be acknowledged for of all your behind the scenes efforts this week. Stay the course. Romance is in the air this weekend.
Dig deep, what are you really thinking? You are in a powerful manifestation time right now. Be very clear about your true desires. Let the Universe know your heart's desire - and it is yours. You are "lucky" in love as well, this week. Be careful what you ask for.
You've cleaned your slate, emptied your garbage, and removed the clutter. Now what? Take this week to contemplate new strategy. You cleared the cobwebs because the old way wasn't working. Get out of your own way and let those that love you share their wisdom. Be a sponge this week - you will be amazed with the results!
Stop counting your pennies and start counting your blessings! Use this extra down-time to be thankful. Gratitude comes naturally to you. Sometimes you just need to be reminded. You set the example for so many others. As a leader, bring them together this week ( work and home ), and guide them through a gratitude lesson. You will change a few lives this week when you do!

Let the sun shine in - this is the "Age of Aquarius". Can you honestly say that you've been doing your part? You are a natural leader.  Others trust you and are mesmerized by your charm. Get on the bandwagon of right. Use your time this week as a guide to greatness. Make a plan on how you can make a difference - then do it! Others will follow your lead, keep your ego on tap and go change the world!
This week has been designated as love the fishes week. Love is coming your way Pisces, in all forms and from all directions. This is reciprocity time for you. All those good deeds, good thoughts, and kind words are coming back to you ten-fold! Open your heart and breathe in the love. You deserve it Pisces. It's time to reap what you've sown!