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March 17th - March 23rd

posted Mar 17, 2009, 8:14 AM by David Griffith
Busy, busy, busy, that's what it feels like this week. You may need to delve in deep when it comes to projects at work. Relationships can seem to be more demanding of your time. It can even feel like there is a huge strain to make time for love. This is a sign of you being overwhelmed, feels like everyone wants a piece of you and there is just not enough of you to go around, which tends to make you want to run.  Well don't.  This will only add fuel to the fire this week and being a fire sign, fueling is not what you need. Take time and slow down.  Give yourself that just needed break.   This way you won't burn out.  You know as an Aries you tend to be a little needy so give yourself a little pampering, like getting a good back massage. This can do you wonders. This will also take the pressure off friends and family when feeling a little neglected. Look for an intimate interlude with someone special on Thursday or Friday this week.  This could be just what the doctor ordered.

Creativity is at hand.  This could be a good time to channel your energies into tasks that you may have been putting off. Look for the out-of-the-box ways of doing things.  This will help feed the rebellious side of you this week. Remember slow and easy when going forward this week. Boredom is not your friend.  When you find yourself falling into boredom, it is imperative that you avoid this, rather do something innovative, something that you have never thought of doing. This could help you to avoid those familiar pitfalls that the bull tends to find themselves in.  Use your energy to mend some deep wounds that you tend to let fester with family and friends. Knowing that you have the tendency to not let other be right, this could take you down a not so healthy path. A lovescope a day can help keep the blahs away.  Remember love is not evading you; you just have to get out and be seen. I can tell you that your perfect mate is not going to parachute into your living room, only unless you get out and paint the bull's eye on the roof, that perfect mate be able to find you.

Procrastination tends to be the theme this week when it comes to the Gem. Remember to take time to look at bills and projects you have neglected.  They need your attention. Tucking your head under the covers doesn't mean they have gone away, it just means one more pressure placed upon you. Even though your sign represents twins, you are only one, so take heed and remember that avoiding only prolongs the inevitable.  Face up to what needs to be taken care of this week.  It's important that you do something fun.  This way you won't feel so overcome with the drudgeries of the week.  Look for a playful friend to do something fun with. You could put into motion some romantic rendezvous. It's important that the Gem stone shine. It's definitely what you could use right now.  All work and no play make the Gem cranky, anxious, and blasé.

The big picture seems all that you can see recently.  This tends to cause an inability to get things done this week.  It's important for you to narrow your projects at work.  Look for the details.  This way it will give you more success in the projects that you have set in motion.  A meeting this week could develop into a very big financial opportunity. Let your attention to detail be what guide you and you could hear from admirers about all that you have gotten done.  There is only one thing that the crab needs to hold on to and that's a positive attitude.  Some fears around money could create problems so stick to your pinchers; keep an upbeat step in order to avoid the monetary conflict. An attraction to someone this week throws you off guard, it's been a while. A little love, a little romance, a little dip in the hot tub could be just perfect for the insatiable crab. You know how you love water.  The sensitive crab tends to hide inside that hard outer shell.  This could make it difficult for anyone to get close. So get out this week-end and have fun. Love is for those that are brave at heart and only you can take that change on romance. I've learned that when you challenge the crab a little it brings out the drive to succeed.   

It seems that you need to slow down and do a little soul search this week. Any hasty decisions could cost you dearly.  It's better to take time and look through to your heart.  We all know that the lion heart is large and you sometimes tend to let your heart lead without putting any emotion aside. Your attention would be best focused on people that matter the most.  The lion is never short on friendships.  As a matter of fact, you are quite proud of all the people and friends that you have. Spend time this week looking for what matters most and make it a project that does not require spending money. This week it seems that love is heating up emotionally so try to avoid arguments if you can.  It would not be for your highest or greatest good to elicit emotional conflict. Love is one of the gifts that Leo's tend to have lots of, for the big hearted lion and can be dangerous when there is to must give and not enough take. This off balance situation could be costly. When it comes to love this week you may feel a little taken advantage of, which can make the lion in you feel vulnerable. This could create more problems for anyone in striking distance.  The lion/lioness tends to concentrate on leading and sometimes that is not always best.  It's better to take time and think things through when making any big decisions this week, those that love you will wait until you are ready. The doctor always recommends that you take time for you; this could give you some well deserved rejuvenation and emotional healing.

Good news! Your financial forecast looks great. What you forget is that there is silver lining and you must stay optimistic even if things look bad. There is a chance that if your attitude is positive then you will change the outcome.  Lately you have been surrounded by a lot of party-goers and clubbers who seem the only topic they delve into are what music they like or the latest fashions, basically nothing really important to the Virgo.  This week your possessive nature is misunderstood and you find yourself feeling a little hurt. Remember that it's better to channel your feelings in a positive way than letting it build a wall between those that you love. Your focus on Wednesday this week would be best served as encouraging others and cultivate a team leader attitude. Virgo's house of love has been a little sparse when it comes to romance lately. The doctor is ordering a good shot of love by get hooked up with a dating service; it seems the Virgos tend to be a little bit dragging when needing to find love. When the Virgo is finally free of fear that's when you will see the fun in dating. That is when you will see all your hard work has finally payed off. Your steadfast determination to have deep meaningful conversation with someone will have finally developed into a possible romantic relationship.    

Socializing is vital for the Libra this week. Get out and have fun, all work and no play can create a very large swing of imbalances that throws you off you game.   Development at your job has become a little bit mundane this week and you're feeling a little bit stifled. You may feel like you need some high energy activity to counter the boredom that you have been experiencing.  Try taking up running or going to the gym; that could help appease the need to work off the energy and it wouldn't hurt tightening, toning, firming, up the body, and wouldn't hurt losing a little weight around the middle. The Libra that you are tends to look at the pros and cons of all situations and you find that not everyone takes the same point of view which can be frustrating.  Learn to see that not all have the versatility that you have.  Your love relationships have been a little challenging this week, so be more honoring of yourself and your partner. Plan a romantic getaway for two this weekend.  See what may come up when you are alone with that special someone.  This could help heal any unfinished things between you.

The planning process is a gift that you possess and sometimes people don't always see that about you.  Don't give up because the forecast looks much brighter.  Let your boss see you shine this week by taking a small project that will put you on the map in your boss's eyes.  This could lead to greater things at work. Your social calendar has been pretty empty as of late; even taking time out and spending time with loved ones have not been on the radar blip. If you are invited out - go.  Too many times the sensitive Scorpio tends to hide behind a big sting when hurt.  This is why you tend to try to hide away but not for long.  It seems that as soon as the Scorpio has struck, it is pretty much all over and forgotten, whereas others tend to carry the sting for a long time. It's important that you learn to direct your hurt feelings in a less destructive way.  This way you won't feel bad later on. Look for an opportunity to get out and have fun.  This way you are able to focus on the positive rather than the negative.  You will meet someone this week who could put a spring in your step, a twinkle in your eye, or just downright make you feel good and that is something that you could use right now. If you play your cards right this could lead to friendship or love, it's all up to you.

You are feeling a little overwhelmed this week and find yourself snapping at others.  It seems like everyone has an opinion or some type of answer to your problem.  Take time to meditate or do something more introspective for the answers to the overload.  Not every last word is pure wisdom, but together it adds up to something wonderful. You really have a way with using humor to lighten the moment and make someone feel better.  That's what Sag's do.  But when it comes to the personal side, Sag's fiery side is usually smaller amber.  It may not be as raging as the other fire signs but it still burns.  That's part of why Sag's hate their temper and try to toss it off like a hot potato. There is a little romantic confusion this week where someone misunderstands and gets hurt but you quickly find a way to bring the passion back into the relationship.  By Wednesday the relationship heats up and the steam rises and you spend an afternoon in bed making up and making love. I would like you to remember, that the best place to find love is be where love is available.  Love can only find you when you are willing to take a chance. Fate has never been something that you believe, Sag's tend to believe that they make their own way and their own destiny.

Someone crosses your mind this week, maybe it's time to call them even if it's been a long time.  You're feeling a little nostalgic and a little bit lonely. It's time that you took a chance and ask for directions.  I know that it is difficult for the Cap to do that.  You tend to make it your mission to find your own way on the journey.  This can cause a slowdown in many areas of your life.   Even though you feel misunderstood this week and feel like you are standing in quicksand, remember that there are hands being held out to help you, you just have to take it when the hand is offered. Don't let pride prevent you from growing or expanding in your experiences this week.  Intuitively, you have been pretty right on when it comes to knowing things but you tend to keep your lip buttoned even when you feel like saying, "I knew it.  I told you so." It's time to listen to what you know intuitively.  Money tends to be a little short but you always find a way of making it through.  By the beginning of next week your cash flow will seem to loosen up and you have more money to spare and share. Buy something small that you like. It's important to do the tender things when it comes to relationships.  Spend time cuddling, holding hands, or taking a long walk.  Love seems to be in the air for you and by Friday you will have an opportunity to plan a romantic dinner and share it with someone that you feel some tenderness for.

There seems to be a difficulty in communication this week and you feel as though you are not being heard. This is probably why you feel pretty alone. Work seems a little harder than usual even though you could do the job with your eyes closed, there seems to be some small hurdles that have appeared. Don't worry, this too shall pass. Not everyone is onboard or in the same place as you.  It may mean that you need to listen more to what others have to say.  This will help you to get more of what you want this week from others. You feel a little competitive and this has led you to some small confrontations that at first seem uncomfortable, but you are able to turn them around and make them more positive. On the romantic side, the relationship has seemed a little stuck, it even may be causing you to ask the question "Why am I still there."  This does not mean that it's over; it just means that you need to put a little bit more energy into how to make the relationship more satisfying on all sides. Remember, relationships are an ongoing investment.  When you stop investing is when the relationship stops growing. Being that you are the one that was born in the age of Aquarius, love is a part of you and you do not fare well when you are having conflict in your relationships.  Try not to hang on to all the negative things that have happened.  The best antidote is to forgive yourself. 

This is an excellent time for you to evaluate where you want to be in your career and get going on doing the things that will get you there.  Pisces tend to handle everything in their life like a job and I can say that this is not the best way to handle people especially those closest to you. This week there seems to be some difficulty in managing career, family, and life in general.  It's important that you let go of the toxic relationship that keeps you from moving forward, whether it be the job or personal relationships.  There is something fishy going on with people around you this week that seem to be in conflict.  You may have to act as negotiator or mediator in order to bring about peace. You have excellent negotiating skills that you tend to forget that you have.  Just remember that when it comes to intimate relationships, you are not negotiating like you would if you were in a union strike from a job. You have to be more present in your feelings and be willing to share more openly with the ones that you are closest too. On the romantic side of things, plan an indoor picnic or dance to a slow song in each other's arms. This will bring you a lot of brownie points and a little cuddle, a little huddle and well just a lot of love play with them.