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Lovescopes September 30th

posted Sep 30, 2009, 5:31 PM by David Griffith
You only get one full moon in your sign each year and this is it. As you see that moon in all its luminous glory remind yourself that it is time to complete a process. Your emotions will be running at full tilt over the weekend, in some cases because you have reached the point where you're ready to commit yourself to a long-term relationship and in others because you are poised to end a commitment; on the other hand, you may simply be feeling intensely moved by events. There could have been some uncertainty over your future recently but during the next seven days you acquire clarity and a degree of serenity. 

No longer are you forced to be in the slow lane of life. You can see where you're going and your foot is pressed down hard on the accelerator. There is always a reason for a delay and you could discover just who and what has been behind the craziness of the past few weeks. It may also be that recent events have thrown you for a loop and only now are you able to process them and take appropriate steps. In this regard Sunday's full moon could prove entirely useful since it will help you bring an end to a situation that has been draining your energies and emotions. You might be breaking one of your own rules in the process, but that's a small price to pay for liberation.

Towards the end of August you may have run into some opposition and been forced to make a big change to your plans, which in turn put a strain on a relationship. Now you get the chance to review the situation and possibly set a wrong to rights. Certainly, you can achieve closure this week, whether you realize that what happened was for the best or because those concerned also have regrets and wish to set matters back on course. The week ahead does have its surprises so try not to lose your focus or miss a golden opportunity. Nonetheless, with or without silly mistakes there's an all's-well-that-ends-well aura to these stars. 

You could be right in thinking you've been going nowhere fast these past three weeks - retrograding Mercury has been slowing down the wheels of commerce and communication, and generally getting in the way of progress. But there is no longer a cosmic excuse for failure to connect: Mercury is back in business from the 29th and in tandem you should be chasing people who've been off the radar and putting firm dates in the diary. And by the same token you could be receiving answers to questions and discovering what has been behind a recent upset. With this in mind the weekend is perfect for putting an issue to bed once and for all. 

You may have been missing a vital piece of information, which now turns up. On the one hand, this could set your mind to rest and close the book on a matter but on the other hand you may have to act swiftly to prevent a slip up turning into a crisis. Perhaps there has been a misunderstanding over a financial commitment or maybe you had assumed someone was handling an affair and he or she was not. Whatever the information glitch get to the negotiating table immediately and if everything seems to be in shape, take the time to go through your accounts and to ensure that messages you have sent have been received and acted upon. 

With Mercury back on track from the 29th you can sort out lingering communication issues and get from A to B without going through the whole alphabet! Plus, a problem which occurred a few weeks ago could be solved by a simple conversation. It may seem that answers are emerging out of thin air but it is more likely that people - including you - have been unconsciously mulling over their options and finally reaching a decision. It may be that there is still room to maneuver but you would be wiser assuming that what is decided now is the way it's going to stay. No one's going to think less of you for changing your mind, by the way. 

You should be reaching a conclusion, whether you are putting the finishing touches to an Endeavour, coming to the end of a commitment or gaining an understanding. The full moon of the 4th cuts across the axis of relationships, bringing you closer to someone or sending the two of you in opposite directions. And although these are extreme effects each and every Libran should be at a point of assessment: it's time to see what is working and what is not, what has legs and what should be put out to pasture. You are far more in control of your life, and with Saturn set to enter your sign in a month, don't waste a moment getting your house in order. 

Try not to put too much pressure on yourself at this point in the year. The sun is in the reclusive twelfth house and with a full moon to come (4th) any weaknesses in the system - and we could be looking at health here too - will be revealed. There has been some mis-information doing the rounds recently but the fog surrounding one or more issues is beginning to clear. Whether or not you should take action now is not so clear, however. Ideally you need to wait until later in October before making a final judgment; for the time being it may be better to accumulate information and allow your unconscious mind to work on the solution. 

You have a much better chance of resolving a matter that has in the recent past caused ructions. Either some new information will come to light that enables you to see everything in a different light or in the course of discussion fresh alternatives will appear. Plus, if a contentious issue arises now positive developments will come from it. By contrast, if an association has outlived its shelf life a minor difference of opinion could prove to be the final straw. October is going to be a progressive period of the year so you could see current events as a launching pad to new and better things. It's all a matter of perspective. 

Sunday's full moon crystallizes your mind. Since the end of August you could have been mulling over the options available to you and reaching no conclusions but either because the time is right or through developments this week there is no longer any uncertainty. This is an ideal moment to make a move intended to add to your material wealth and security; it is also an excellent period in which to end a situation that has served its purpose. The roots of life are in the frame so you could be affected by the judgment or actions of a member of the family or you may have to alter your domestic situation due to changes on the job front. 

No one likes admitting a mistake and no one wants to be seen as indecisive but sometimes after a decision has been made time and events alter the situation. And this could well have happened to you. Early in the week, with the moon in your sign, is a propitious time to inform others about a re-think on your part, and, if necessary, to apologize for an error - actions made in haste always seem great at the time but not so great in hindsight. Then again, what happens now could throw up some interesting albeit controversial options. Uranus is your guiding light at present so at the very least you have the opportunity to surprise a few people. 

Good news is worth waiting for and as long as any news sets you straight it can only be good. The pipes of communication have been blocked for most of September but information is trickling through now, and in most cases making you feel much better. However, it is possible that you could fail to hear the positive message being issued to you so do your best not to deliver a knee-jerk response to this week's developments. Once again, dormant potential within you is being released and you are being forced to look at certain individuals and certain situations with a new pair of eyes.