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Lovescopes September 14th - September 21st

posted Sep 13, 2009, 7:17 AM by David Griffith
Even the Aries warrior who thrives on challenge could be daunted by this week's astro-scape. Events of many moons ago lay at the root of any major developments so although it may seem as though you have run into an obstacle of someone else's making somewhere down the line you've had a part to play. Ideally, you should lie low, avoiding those people who are guaranteed to make life difficult, but since no one lives in an ideal world simply take things slowly, whether you are the one in the driver's seat or responding to situations that were not on your wish list. And if life could not be brighter, keep that little warm glow all to yourself.

It's a case of dejà-vue all over again! Whether you're looking at events in other people's lives or experiencing them yourself it will seem as though you have been in this position before. There are positive sides to the current alignments which will take time to be revealed so it will be a case of dealing with practicalities now and waiting until later to see where events will take you. Much as you may value certain aspects of the past and much as you may resent change it is the right time to make way for the future. And should a new endeavor or association come into being now, it could change your life completely.

Being adaptable is one of your great virtues so if you feel your toes digging into the turf this week, loosen up. The most difficult aspect of current developments is that it may seem as if other people are in control and that you are being presented with a slam dunk, so to speak. But you do have options, and maybe all it takes is stepping back and seeing the situation from a different perspective. On the plus side, if you are making a move that is intended to take you into brand new territory then any upheaval is a necessary part of the package. In three weeks time you could be wondering what all the fuss was about.

Mercury is going over old ground and reconnecting with Pluto, which it encountered some three weeks ago. Thus, there could be a link between this week's events and those of late August. On the plus side, you may have the opportunity to re-think a decision but on the minus side, if you have been holding out for a change of heart, the chances are either you will have to wait a little longer for a final answer or news you receive could set your hopes back. There's not a lot you can do when the planets are in hard alignment like this other than accept the status quo for what it is: indeed, acceptance could be the very route to resolution.

When the going gets tough, the tough... Well, you know the rest. And this is one of those weeks when you will need all your reserves of strength, ingenuity and good humors. It's a face-the-music kind of week and one when other people won't be dancing to your tune! Very few achievements in life come without effort so although this is a challenging period you may well emerge with a major victory on your hands. Love and money are in the frame; in some cases because you will be making a long-term investment and in others due to a shortfall of some description. Loyalty and trust are being tested too and you may be surprised at who and what come through.

In a mater of weeks Saturn will exit your sign leaving you stronger and wiser, however, before this planet moves on it has another meeting with its opposite number, Uranus. Once again, events will reflect this theme of the old versus the new, safety versus risk and restriction versus liberation, and even though the way forward is with the new, which will almost certainly involve liberation and risk, letting go will be hard. You are not without options but to a certain extent you are in the hands of people who have either radically different opinions from you or who face a stark choice between looking after their interests or yours.

Life may not be sweetness and light at present. You could be overwhelmed with work and responsibilities or there could be other reasons why you're not feeling your well-balanced self. While there could be a breakthrough in a deadlocked situation it is more likely that you will be dealing with people who and events that zap your energy and optimism. It may simply be a case of working through this period until you reach a calmer patch but there is much to be said for tackling a difficult situation when you have the planets guaranteed to produce change at your disposal. By all means inject humor and irony into life but don't water down your agenda or your resolve.

Every so often more than one significant planetary alignment occurs at the same time, notching up current hot spots and making life generally intense, as is the case this week. Aside from putting on your flak jacket, keep a close eye on already delicate situations. If you enjoy taking on a mammoth task and the prospect of conflict appeals to you, you're going to be in your element but should you be hoping that people will be generous and giving, you'll have an uphill struggle. Circumstances beyond your control could interfere with your timetable and you may be asked to be extra forgiving, patient and accommodating. 


One of the pluses to a week like this is that you get to know where you stand and which of the people in your life is a true soldier! There could be inconvenient glitches and out of the blue developments, some of which will work to your advantage and others perhaps not. If you receive the thumbs down to a proposal this is not the moment to argue your case: once the dust has settled you may see where you can make alterations and when the timing is right you can try again. On the other hand, there may be no disappointments to overcome but you could encounter one irritating little problem after another. As my psychology tutor said: suffer frustration.

Patience and persistence are all very well but at some point you have to get a result. Whether you have reached the end of your tether or someone else has run out of steam, an inconvenient truth can no longer be avoided, things must change. Hopefully, your plans and timetable are in synch with the stars so that you are ready to leave some aspect of your existence behind and head off in a brand new direction. But if you have been fighting change the moment has come to lay down your arms. While you may not be at a life crossroads there's something about events this week that will set you thinking about your future.

The recipe for romance should include Venus and Neptune, and with these two planets flanking the relationship axis you could be among the happy couples celebrating love at this time. However, Venus and Neptune are not alone... Saturn, Uranus and Pluto are with us too, and they're not the jolliest of planets to bring along to the party. Indeed, the rest of the cosmos is in a somewhat turbulent state so you will need to be flexible with your plans and your expectations. A great lesson can be learned now and big steps can be taken, so don't be surprised if you feel a little overwhelmed and under-prepared.

You may not be able to see Saturn and Uranus but if you receive a bolt from the blue it will come from their direction. For some Pisceans this is a period of exciting developments but for others it is anything but. Given the choice now is the time to make a powerful personal statement and to liberate yourself in the process and even if it seems you have no choice at all in events how you handle them could make a huge difference to the final outcome. Not for the first time are you being shown that some things are simply not built to last and rather than wasting time, energy and tears over the situation you should set your sights on new targets.