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Lovescopes May 4th - May 10th

posted May 5, 2009, 12:57 PM by David Griffith
Time is of the essence this week. By no means let the "clock" rule your life - but this week it is best if you stay within the lines as much as possible. Be on time for important events, stay on time during meetings/presentations, and allow enough time that you feel "easy" this week, not "stressed". And don't forget "time" with loves ones - just 'cuz. 

Just when you think everything is smooth and orderly - that "person" comes along and messes with your day. This week is all about letting go of order and routine. You will find that this week is all about the unusual and spontaneous. Let go, go with the flow, and by weeks end, you'll have a new and "brighter" outlook. Don't forget flowers for mom on Sunday - she's missing you lately. 

Everyone has questions for you this week. Take a break, clear your head, and answer them with graciousness and kindness. Be flattered, Gemini, that your advice is so sought after. Friendships are forming in ways you never expected. Your aura is attracting - let them in - they are good for you. Spend time with family this weekend - yes, you do have the time.

Volunteer this week, you have that Cancerian need to "give" lately. You are best when you give of "yourself", rather than your checkbook. Cancers are the givers and the lovers of the zodiac this week. You have so much love to share - it's literally oozing out of you! Don't be surprised when old nemesis's show back up - they feel the love too! This is hug a Cancer week - you deserve it! 

Mom is on your mind and heart this week. Whether you're spending time with mom or the kids, that motherly energy warms your heart. You're just feeling the love this week, Leo. Take some time for yourself - you've been spread a little thin lately. Also, this is an excellent time to "be" with the music. You are so "in tune" this week - take advantage and let the music move you! 

It's been one adventure after another for Virgo's, lately. You are in an awesome cycle for the new and unusual. The more you step outside your nine dots - the greater your returns. Keep changing it up, Virgo, it looks good on you. You'll find yourself in a sentimental mood this weekend, lay low and stay home with loved ones. 

Get with nature and animals this week. You've been longing for a greater connection to the purity of nature. We know that your love for animals is genuine - but have you taken time to just "be". I mean "being" in nature or "being" with your furry friends. Slow down, Libra. Take time this week to "fill up" with God's gift to us - the innocence of nature. Understand that it is a reflection back to you. We love you, Libra, always! 

You've been longing for "space" lately, Scorpio. Too much togetherness, group projects, and family stuff have been testing your spirits these days. This "open-door policy" era is coming to an end soon enough, and you'll be able to crawl back into your cave soon enough. The love and generosity you've been sharing will linger for many months - allowing you some "space" to rejuvenate. Travel is likely this weekend, plan ahead for a smooth ride. 

You may find yourself staying home and curling up with a good book by week's end. You have a busy schedule until Thursday. If you play your cards right, you'll have things wrapped up by Wednesday. This weekend is all about nurturing yourself and surrounding yourself with family and loved ones!

You've been itching to get into the garden and plant. If the weather isn't participating - at least make the "plan" for your garden. May brings such joy and hope your way, that you "need" to be outdoors to celebrate it. Get out the barbeque this weekend and have the family over - you are ever the perfect host/hostess! 

Don't worry, be happy. You'll find the "load" lightens, or at the very least, becomes easier to bear this week. If you've delegated correctly these last few weeks, you'll find yourself at the finish line by weeks end. This weekend is for playtime. Whether you stay at home or get out of town - make sure you have loved ones with you to share the mood! 

Expect miracles this week! You've been planting seeds of change for some time now. Watch as they start sprouting to life. You've paid careful attention to the what and why's - now watch as the Universe supplies the who, when and where. The result: the manifestation of the dream seeds planted. Keep your positive mindset, don't let the naysayers spoil your dreams. By months end - you'll have the final word!