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Lovescopes May 25th - June 1st

posted May 28, 2009, 12:31 AM by David Griffith
Whenever possible this week, go off by yourself and just sit. Don't think, don't feel, just be. This is recharge time, Aries. You've been moving ahead at a master pace. The results are apparent - I'm suggesting you open to the possibility of "me" time. If you must get away to recharge - do so, as soon as possible. Take advantage of the goodness you've been creating.
Communication is the key for you this week. Mercury retrograde has taken its toll on you. Re-think, re-phrase, and re-speak your words carefully. Own what you are saying - if you can't, then change your words. It starts with the thoughts. Remember, change your thoughts, change your mind, change your life! Communicate more effectively with yourself first, then you will experience a natural "flow" with others.
What are you thinking, Gemini? Get out of your funk - get into your heart, and make sure your mind, thoughts, and mouth, are in similar alignment! No excuses with Mercury retrograde playing havoc with your aspects this month - so what, slow down and get your foot out of your rear. This is your power time - use it wisely!
Get outdoors and be active this week. The need to both connect with nature and move your body physically is strong right now. So, go outside and play! You may feel inspired to write or journal this week. Your "connection" to the universe is very powerful right now - take the time to tap in - you'll be astounded by your insight!
Leo's need to play right now. You're tired of talking and want to be doing. Get out, be social, have fun, and let your troubles roll right off your back. You are in an excellent energy for manifestation right now. You're only drawback is that once you've "asked", you have trouble letting go. Let God do his job, Leo, and your desires will be fulfilled!
Introspection is a key word for you this week, Virgo. Go within, do some soul searching - you'll be amazed at what you truly "know". Your intuitive side is hanging out this week. Trust your hunches, feelings, and knowing this week. Keep a journal, to acknowledge and feed back to you what you "know". A job change is coming - prepare yourself now, for a smooth transition later.
Romance is in full bloom for you this summer. Use your time off this week to prepare. Force yourself to finish projects and tie-up loose ends. Summer love is in the air for all Libras, and you need to be free and clear to "allow" it in. None of this "self love" stuff for you - romantic love is being served up, tae it and run with it for all the joy it musters! Have fn, Libra, and spread it around!
Where romance is not obvious, you'll go searching for it. The love bug is affecting all Scorpios as well. We know serious you can be at times, Scorpio - so I warn you - lighten up and get flexible. The love you are attracting is magnificent and unpredictable. Clear your mind of what you think you know or desire - let the Universe provide what you actually need!
Hopefully you've spent time with loved ones by the water this weekend. Both are good sources of energy for you. Take special care this week to be in the moment and take one day at a time. You desire clarity and purpose right now, and it is best achieved by slowing down and paying attention. Ask for loans to be repaid - the funds are there.
Still haven't gotten around to that spring cleaning? You'll most likely find yourself quite housebound this week, so you may as well get it done. You're feeling very low key and un-dramatic this week, so stay out of everyone else's chaos and hibernate away from the masses. When "they" come searching for you, be discreet, only let the "easy" ones in.
Pay extra attention and care this week to beautify your environment. Perhaps it's planting flowers, or redecorating a room. You need to feel uplifted these days, and our home is a reflection of our soul. So, as you beautify your outer world, you uplift and beautify within. Take a friend to lunch and share the insights you've been "tuning into" lately - they will greatly appreciate your awareness.
Fish need water - find water, drink water - just immerse yourself with h20. You've been carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders lately, and you need to "wash it off". A friend or relative is coming to visit from afar soon, you'll want to feel refreshed and open when they arrive. Also, a new companion shows up for you, could it be love at first sight?