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Lovescopes May 18th - 25th

posted May 19, 2009, 9:59 AM by David Griffith
Whatever you're thinking - stop! This week is for being. Let yourself go on auto-pilot. Your higher self knows exactly what you need, and will guide you accordingly. This week presents  an amazing  opportunity to just "let go and let God". If you can get out of your own way this week, Aries, absolute magic can happen! 

Be observant this week. You haven't been paying close enough attention to details lately, and it's catching up to you. Like Aries, stay out of your "head", use your higher mind/self to guide you. You have enough energy this week to tie up loose ends, month's old! Take a task, or two, or three, everyday - and complete it! It's okay to turn down outside help - this week is all about you! Don't forget to be gracious next week when all the feedback comes pouring back in. 

Feeling inspired, Gemini? You should be, and will be, if you take 15 minutes each morning and listen to God. I mean the God that speaks to us through the birds, trees, flowers, etc. Breathe in natures glow, and breathe out new ideas. You will find that you're not only inspiring yourself, but everyone around you as well!

Pay attention to your dreams this week. Your spiritual side is in overdrive and the messages will be flowing. Consult a professional if you are having trouble interpreting the visions, or if you are feeling blocked. This is a sensitive time for Cancer's to be making choices, and you will want to be assured that you are choosing wisely. Also, let the inner child out to play this week - this will help release blockages. 

You have the "bug" to get up and go this week. All signs point to a spontaneous getaway for Leo's and their lovers this weekend. Don't let "unnecessary responsibility" get in your way - the laundry/chores will still be there next week. This is also an excellent time for a new "do" or full-body massage. Pamper yourself, Leo, you deserve it! 

It's time for Virgo's to dip into those reserve tanks of energy this week. You've been burning the candle at both ends for many weeks now - and it's not the time to rest, yet! If you keep the pace you've been setting, you are in position to relax the entire month of August, and into September. Just keep stoking the fire, the payoff is worth it! 

Thank goodness for the balance the Libra Scales bring.  While all the other zodiac signs are running hither and yon, count on Libras to be there to hold our hand, listen to our problems, or welcome us over for a home-cooked meal. Your caretaker side is showing this week - thank you! 

Take time this week to indulge yourself with culture. If you're not creating art or music, go to a concert or museum. We need all Scorpions to be as un-grounded as possible this week - you guys have incredible aspects happening until the end of the month! Get light and airy, Scorpio, we need your magic! 

You may find yourself with the laughter bug this week - spread it around! Sag's have also been busy bee's these past few months and can really use some down time. Take in a funny movie, or go out with "fun" friends. Laughter and light-hearted joy is your motto this week. You have nothing to prove, you've already done that - now go have fun! 

While everyone else is playing, you'll be hard at work. Even if you cold play - would you, really? It's okay, you find hard work inspiring, and we appreciate you, truly. Remember to catch up on those household chores you've been neglecting - no laundry or dusting fairies in sight. Take a break this weekend and pick that book back up that you've been waiting to finish. 

You need to make a plan, and stick to it! You've been running around in circles and off on tangents for too long. This week is for focus and clean-up. Call the people "on the list" of folks you've been "meaning to call". Better yet, visit the friends and loved ones you've been neglecting. You'll feel so much better for the outreach. Once done, splurge on something wonderful for you! 

You've been making excellent choices and decisions lately. This week is an opportune time to really capitalize on new ideas and ventures. All you need is some help organizing and prioritizing - ask a Virgo. Your magnetic smile will see you through all your insecurities - go for it!