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Lovescopes July 13th - July 20th

posted Jul 13, 2009, 8:22 AM by David Griffith

Aries - The creative juices are free flowing this week.  Slow down, take time to dot your I’s and cross your T’s.  Your mellow composure is paying off hugely in the sales department.  Use your charismatic personality to “get what you want” this week!  Romance is still going strong from recent connections with soul mates.   

Taurus- Is it possible to have too much energy? Good thing- as your plate is full to the rim this week.  Between home and work, you’ll have every moment filled with “stuff” to do.  It’s crunch time; procrastination has had its day- now it’s “go”  time all the way.  All this change and chaos brings peace and happiness on the home front when completed! 

Gemini- Continue to surround yourself with high energy focused people. You have a window of opportunity before you that requires your full attention and cooperation.  It’s time to “act as if.” You are who you choose to be, the shoes have been placed before you- now step into them and you will begin this process of manifesting your greatest desires! 

Cancer- New beginnings are often challenging for you, cancer.  Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and take the plunge.  You need to do something different, at all cost.  Your world is currently stuck in slow motion.  You need a fresh start, particularly in your personal life.  Take a chance, meet someone new or make a grand gesture to rekindle romance with a current or former love.   

Leo- You’ve been hiding in plain sight.  The holiday week wore you out and you’re looking to produce more fruitful results this week.  Sometimes charm isn’t enough- focus on the end result, you have supportive colleagues ready to fill in the gaps.  Children are highlighted in your energy this week- enjoy the magic they bring. 

Virgo- What happened to all those plans and ideas?  Don’t get discouraged that you’ve veered off track, we all have. Continue to let the playful you guide your choices and decisions.  What you consider off track, is productive and focused for many around you.  Lighten up- you’re doing great.  Superiors are impressed! 

Libra- Summer months suit you to a tee, Libra.  With long days and warmer nights to inspire you- the sky’s the limit when it comes to achieving your highest potential.  Career and finance are holding steady this month- concentrate your energy on your personal life.  Romance is high and chemistry is sparkling- just remember to focus on the “right one.” 

Scorpio- Even serious brooding Scorpio’s are touched with the light this week.  It’s as if the heaven’s are opening up and showering us with happiness fairies.  Let loose, take some time off and go play.  Leave town if you need to- but don’t forget to bring the loves ones along!

Sagittarius-  Whenever possible this week, steal away for some quiet time and meditate or reflect.  You have some important decisions to make this month,  and you may change your mind several times in the process.  Sit with yourself- decide what is right for you- this is NOT the time for consensus and group decisions.  Let your loved ones enjoy the fruits of your labor, and keep the journey to yourself.  

Capricorn- You’re feeling the “itch” to get to those do-it-yourself projects.  You’ll find yourself wanting to take on those household repairs and home improvement projects you’ve been putting off all summer.  I recommend that you dive in while you’re feeling this vibe.  This energy will sustain you the rest of the month, so start immediately to make sure you complete everything.   

Aquarius- It’s time to make a choice- you’ve been burning the candle at both ends and attempting to focus in 2 or 3 directions. Stop, make a decision, move forward with one project and I’ll guarantee that you’ll have fantastic results!  The stars re with you right now, you cannot fail if you don’t spread yourself too thin! Night time is for relaxation- remember that! 

Pisces- Even laid back Pisceans are feeling the high energy vibe this week.  You’re professional life should be stable and steady right now- for those who are job-seeking, you will solidify a career by month’s end.  You are best suited to pay attention to family, friends and loved ones this week- they’ve been missing you.