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January 12th - January 17th 2009

posted Jan 12, 2009, 5:18 PM by David Griffith   [ updated Jan 12, 2009, 5:21 PM ]


Adjusting to working with others will help you in creative endeavors.  Wednesday is a good day to pay attention to the likes and dislikes of others; try to be of service and be complimentary.  Later in the week you may find yourself confronted with the challenges of those you forgot to pacify. This week is being aware of others.


Peace of mind comes easier when you are self-sufficient and prepared.  Take a look at your life to assess what areas you might be able to prepare or pre-plan for later contingencies.  Wednesday is a good day for something new in love: go with something slow and comforting: A peaceful evening, a massage or conversation over a long dinner.  This week is about slowing down, finding a peaceful rhythm and being comfortable.


Mercury goes retrograde on the 11th so you will want to turn your efforts inward to work on your own issues rather than being the hub of everyone else’s.  Picking up a good book or two for the week is a good choice.  Look to fellow workers or friends to point out your strengths and weaknesses.  You need objective insights so accept compliments as well as criticism.  Meditation will produce useful results, even if it’s just quiet time.


You are in your power if you have been supporting leaders or taken on new responsibilities.  Your efforts will be seen by others with a critical eye, so keep you heart in it: Rewards come after being proven.  Leaders are more open to heart felt insights and possibilities.  You may have ideas which others will use to promote your agenda or wishes by giving insight and inspiration to someone who can make it happen.


Read “Cancer,” these are the people you need to further your own power and influence.  Too much stress built up this week leaves you open to illness - find the time and means to let go and treat your body well.  Hugs, laughter, sex and cherished memories are too easy to pass on.  You have the chance to make critical steps to make a solid impact early in the week - look for flaws, creative alternatives or cost savings.


A thorough reassessment or restructuring will make you feel successful and self-confident.  Financial plans and goals can be addressed if you seek accomplishment, usefulness and comfort.  An intimate gathering of friends next weekend will be a lively place for ideas, opinions and insights.  If you want to really know a person or couple, invite them for and evening together next Sunday.  Wednesday and Thursday are your rewarding days.


Revisiting something said or done among friends may be just what you need to sleep better at night.  Agree to disagree - though being alike often draws people together, you have to respect individuality and diversity.  Later in the week you will reap the rewards of direct and accommodating communications.  It is highly likely that you may touch upon someone’s skeletons in the closet - especially when the mind wants to jump in with an opinion of information.


Work or career opportunities should be looked into - listen to friends and associates for leads but don’t make it a mission.  The front end of the week works best for you; when personal challenges with others arise later, take it in stride.  Compassionate listening is your strength and gift when used, so use it now.  Rewards come next week as you are called upon for advise, direction or empathy.  This is a time to practice going to your heart first - especially when the mind wants to jump in with an opinion or information.


Consider planning a trip back home or at least to visit parents for grandparents.  Your tendency to get out there and cross over the fence ought to be reigned in this week.  Stick with what you have and make it better with some genuine effort of love and communication. Growth is all in the foundation this week.


Give your health a look for better performance and comfort.  Exercise and diet (good eating habits) will be the place of greatest rewards.  This is a good week for those who manage stress well.  Changes in the bedroom will build on your relationship - start with the décor and furniture and move to adorations and love.  Your power is founded upon the care and nurturing you give and receive.


Your gregarious nature may feel the need to withdraw for a time.  Give yourself the space to rejuvenate in your own little world.   You are ending a yearly cycle where a new beginning requires personal attention. Make new goals for yourself.  By weeks end you will be ready to come out inspired with ideas and ready to put them into action.  Communication is very important; be sure to express or explain yourself.  When you are understood, relationships flourish. 


You are you best critic this week.  It’s up to you to be good to yourself and make the changes that enhance your life.  Start evaluating your desires and values - they will be changing soon.  Wednesday is good for making a list to look at next week; the more you explore and document changes the easier they flow into your reality.  Relationships that are stagnate may end soon, now is the time to build on them or begin letting go.  Your spirit always holds the best values for you.