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January 25th - January 31st

posted Jan 25, 2009, 11:53 AM by David Griffith   [ updated Jan 25, 2009, 11:55 AM ]


You may need a second effort in correspondence or messages this week. Try again next week – don’t give up just because the first reply was negative or non-existent. You are still being tested on your will to stay the course, use patience and keep focused, opportunities begin later in the week and potential assistance comes from friends, groups or new associates next week. On Tuesday you may want to share memories with your lover or friend. Recall the dreamy times you remember.


Pay attention to an older or more experienced woman who tries to lead or advise you – you need a grounding voice of reason. Men are more likely to strut and preen for a girly-girl this week. Flirting can get you anywhere! Friday night is for fun and socializing, don’t bother getting serious or deep. For you this could be a challenge; can you do impractical or spontaneous?


Be patient with new men in your life. Let time, and maybe a background check, be your guide. Know the difference between mysterious and mythical. If you already have your lover, Monday and Tuesday are good days to connect anew. Do your part to get to that place of love and union – this will set in motion a series of events to create a bond of friendship as well. If you’re keeping track, Mercury goes direct February 1st until May 6th, everything moves forward and your electronics will be working better!


When the powers that be are keeping you down or out it’s time to care for you and your own. The newest trend will be friends supporting friends as extended family units. Gone are the days of tradition, faith in government and politics. You carry the seed of our country and values instinctively. Reach out to your circle and begin building a network of support! Plan for fun on Friday night!


A blanket falls over leadership, like an Indian sending smoke signals: be careful and thoughtful before speaking out in groups. Your words, deeds and actions will be watched from all angles. The current tendency is for truth and honesty to prevail – otherwise prepare for a war party. This is a good time for good people. Root out all deceit and stop hiding from your ideals and dreams. Start NOW and you will be blessed in the coming storms.


If there is a perfect you, this is a good week to unpack him or her from the basement. The least you ought to do is take inventory of who you really are without the masks. Maybe just write out an outline so you remember how beautiful you really are. Hard times, obstacles and limitations really are a matter of choice, perception and your own creation. Only when you are “down and out” do things happen TO YOU. In reality, things are happening FOR YOU. Make it your mantra this week, “everything happens FOR ME!”


Listen to that older or wiser person you could have your feet in quicksand and not even realize it! Shifts in relationships may be a sign to end it now while you’re still ahead. Examine the long term of questionable relations. When it comes to friends you can expect someone new to being hanging in your circle.


Are you serious enough to stand up for your ideals? You could find it difficult or you could find it quite easy; it depends on how in touch with self you are. Out with old and in with the new should be your motto this week, this is a good time to put out a surge of effort, energy and action. If you’re thinking about it, do it and just keep moving to the next thing – you won’t believe how awesome you are at creating your dreams and desires!


Me, Me me me, Me, Me Me, me me…. Make a little tune for yourself! When that tune brings a smile and gets you moving a little groovy, that’s when you have the right attitude! People will sense your light and find you a joy to be around this week. You will become infectious!


Perfect your managing skills. What is called for is clear structure; however, your personal creativity will go a long way in making you look good. The best leader is one who listens and adopts change as it is needed. Whether it is with your children, employees’s or yourself, listen to the desires for new and future changes. Try getting outside yourself and imagine being someone else, identifying with others in this way gives you “appeal.”


Let’s face it, you need to start doing rather than thinking and avoiding. The voice of the Obama campaign is your voice on a national scale; what are you ready to do for your friends and associates? What are you willing to do to have your voice heard? You are the people, the future, the new, the change, the friend, the individual and the thinker. But you need to be a “do-er”.


You and me, me and you…there is no difference, as if you need to be told again! But have you ever tried to look at others, analyze their situation, as you see it and correlate that to yourself? Have you ever listened to the words you speak to others and then apply them to yourself? The perspective of our environment is the mirror we see ourselves in – we only imagine it’s “them” out there. You can look inside or outside, wherever you look you are there!