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January 18th - 24th

posted Jan 19, 2009, 9:08 PM by David Griffith   [ updated Jan 19, 2009, 9:10 PM ]


Opportunities for creative change at work and in relationships will save money and increase a sense of productivity. Who you know and how much you impress them will play a deciding role. There will be much at stake this week so you will want to do your best at everything. Take on the persona of a leader in a challenging adventure – an explorer in trying times and you will survive and thrive.        


You could lose your footing without making some real changes. Look to advisors for assistance rather than trying to do it yourself. It’s time for the old bulls to make room for the new breed; if you can’t be flexible, you may not make the grade. Make next weekend your time to formulate a game plan and plan for success. Making love a part of your program will get the right spirit moving within – that’s the ticket to the right path.


You can’t go too far when you look within or work with your own issues, but you certainly can lose focus looking outward. This could be the time to realize your brilliance or inner gifts – dedicate yourself to something you find meaningful. Discipline, will make all the difference. As the week closes and into next week, you will have the opportunity to be noticed by superiors – have something ready to show them, even if it’s a brightly lit aura of enthusiasm.


Adjusting to the ideas, beliefs and ways of others is a form of compassion. Being a friend will mean that you have to support someone’s differences and love them regardless of how they receive you. Revelations ought to kick in your response of acceptance, do not hide or ignore what you don’t agree with – this is your chance to act as the better person or a source of protection and confidante.


You don’t have to give up your spot, but you may have to share it or prepare it for someone else as you move on. There is something new on the horizon if you desire to grow. Chances are that you will be put in a position of working with a team or group rather than on your own or with the freedoms you had before. The key is to have a big heart for all and embrace the changes of the future.


Don’t get ahead of yourself this week, give time a chance to work out big decisions. Opportunities are out there, you just have to be patient and wait for the best ones! You may be called upon to make sacrifices in the coming weeks; prudence should play a big role. Financial matters need to be addressed before deadlines arise, you may need some assistance to get organized. In love, you can lead, but it’s all about discovering new buttons to push and new knobs to turn. Do not be afraid to explore or talk about fantasies or inhibitions.


Working through differences or issues will bring your relationship back into balance and joy. Talk about what you think and feel – you can’t expect others to read your mind or emotions. The best place to begin intimate relations is to share faith, dreams and wishes. From this bonding, you can go into the tougher issues of personal differences. Be stingy with money late in the week – stick with necessities and make prudent and researched choices.


Sunday is a great day to get out with friends and cut loose. Forget anything of substance and give yourself permission to play. Changes later in the week could be opportunity in disguise, don’t over – react; let things stew over the weekend and form new plans to get through any challenges – remember, things happen for a reason, there are no coincidences. Look deeper for the silver lining. Use your faith as a guide rather than your emotional reactions or your scheming mind.


Sunday goes easiest if you spend time with yourself, find a good book or tinker with creative arts. If you want to be challenged and are prepared to face issues that cause you to grow up, you will find it in others early in the week. Later, all will be well and you will be self-adjusted, ready for more. In love, you could learn from the play of puppies and kittens: trade the pounce and chase as you assess the response of your partner. Don’t bite and keep your claws in!


Reflect on your current path: are you doing what it takes to get you where you want to go? Do you even know where you want to go and what it takes to get there? This is a great week to reassess the goals, direction and necessary practices to achieve what you desire. Play the game like a pro, not for fun or for beer and chips. You could uncover something spicy or deep if you put yourself into love like a professional.


As you begin a new yearly cycle you can expect the year to be full of your thing: changes! Make this time your resolution and goal setting time. Spirituality and personal growth are key notes for you on the journey. It will be very helpful and settling to share your ideas, visions and desires with someone who understands. You need the support and sense of purpose that comes from others who are of like mind.


Money, relationships and values are bound to bring changes and unsure footing. Communication is the key to being grounded. Don’t let the deep waters of emotion carry you off, friends and lovers are there to ride the tide with you: let others care for you – it is often their treat! Your mind and ambitions are fertile this week: you create based on the seeds you sow with thoughts and emotions. Give heed to what you plant along the way! Love relationships have a chance to bind and deepen this week, don’t wait for something to happen though, you still need to take action and create it!