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February 9th - February 16th

posted Feb 9, 2009, 9:04 AM by David Griffith   [ updated Feb 9, 2009, 9:05 AM ]


Your strongest influence will be in the work place this week. Keeping your social calendar full will help you make contacts that are more likely to become friendly than business related. Remember, it’s often a matter of who you know, so be a social butterfly this week.


You are likely feeling the need to retreat back into your own world where things are simple, practical and reliable. Try to avoid running from relationship issues that need to be worked out first. This week sets the tone for the next two weeks that is potentially a very good time to grow and become more stable with new projects.


The more effort you put into acting by your own talents and desires the greater your success. Don’t try to be everything to everyone – be true to yourself. A little spiritual searching goes a long, long way. Hold back your new projects until early next month or you are likely to have to go backward and start over again.


Your sensitivity is amped up for a few more days. Keep yourself calm and simply observe your environment and experiences. This will give you the insight and clarity to proceed with dignity and respect. Today is a great day for love and romance. Pamper yourself and get cozy.


You may want to retreat or dream away the time this week. Use this time to get back an open heart. What is the use in being King or Queen? What is it that you have to offer others or the world? These are good things to ponder while you are opening your heart and mind. New revelations and inspiration will follow soon.


Supporting others, especially those in institutions such as hospitals, prisons and the armed forces will be your greatest reward this week. Ask yourself how you would wish to be treated if you were in an institution – that’s the way you should act toward them. Leave moral and ethical debates alone and follow your gut.


Law, justice, ethics and ideals are not going to go well without support. Either avoid these issues or seek assistance. Females in your life are likely to become hard-headed or too independent; don’t take it personal. Your best attitude is to release all stress and worry with love and faith. The tighter you hold on the harder it will be for you.


Let the women in your life have their cake and eat it too! Possessiveness, jealousy or the need to control will absolutely go bad for you this week. Perhaps your best course is to employ your capacity of empathy – feel and understand others while cherishing their right to their own thoughts and feelings.


You will be the one to enliven any party this week. Social events are your prime hunting grounds for excitement and full-out joy. You’re due for a dose of fun and laughter so soak it up and remember how good life can be. The best advice is to be yourself and worry not of the lives of others.


Your muse may be stopping by in the next few weeks. What you need to focus on is your god-given talents and the desires of your soul. Whatever you do creatively needs your attention, practice and discipline – you will be sure to connect with that something extra within.


You too are expected to hear from your muse – follow the advice for Capricorn. A female near you may be struggling early in the week. Please use your heart to life them up and say as little as possible just to make sure you don’t think. Pretend females are the little chick who fell out of the nest. Be gentle, loving and nurture them until they fly away.


Your birthdays are coming, which also means the beginning of your personal new year. Clear your vision by writing out your goals and the expectations you have of yourself. List the actions you will take to meet your desired effect. Self-examination and reflection are keys to a new beginning.