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February 2nd - February 7th

posted Feb 2, 2009, 9:03 AM by David Griffith   [ updated Feb 2, 2009, 9:05 AM ]


Venus moving into your sign stirs up things such as money, values, and relationships (particularly with females). Your impulsiveness should be easing up as you consider the value of your actions – a little more thinking before acting. Your skills and talents become more pronounced, which could get you noticed. Rely on the shoulder of a friend before you start something unpleasant.


Venus in Aries calls for action on your part. A new start could face challenges from outside parties. It’s up to you to decide how courageous you are – can you hang on through a little adversity and keep the faith in yourself? If so, you are unstoppable at this point. Commitment will bring transformation – a new possibility you never even considered or imagined; the reward of faith and perseverance.


You won’t see the changes needed or even know what they should be: outside forces create opportunities you didn’t plan for. Mid-week is primetime, to be ready for action hold the mantra, “What do you have for me God?” close to your daily thoughts. In three days you will have answers – as if “coincidence” or “chance” really existed. Rely on friends to get things moving, it’s a concerted effort.


Your ideas can fuel a lively debate among friends talking of change and the future. New values begin percolating as you redefine your comfort zone and sense of “home”. Use your thinking cap Thursday and Friday to make the right impressions for next week, others will be thinking about you and coming back to the same issues. Tuesday is the best day to make rounds to shore up friendships and show others you are an ally.


Your power lies in understanding the needs of others and serving them; don’t get rejected by selfish ways. The more you see the inner heroic traits in yourself and others, the greater your possibilities. Acting now, a little here, a little there will develop your courage, will and regal stature. The timing for acting on ideals is coming for you, brush up on them and be prepared.


Tuesday is a good day to get things done and good for social contracts; put in a full day, you can relax later. Outside forces will press you to make changes – you’re going to have to put some thought into it and maybe take a risk or leap of faith. Make adjustments without regret – a kingdom divided cannot stand, neither can a divided mind and heart. Simply redefine your situation or self and that’s that!


“They” are not cooperating or including you in their adventures. Sometimes you have to initiate the plan and be the leader of the gang. Impulsiveness could be dangerous, or at least end in failure. Making choices changes our path 1,000 times a day. This week is an excellent time to examine your choices and weigh them regularly. Every moment has a choice in it, pick some here and there. Be aware that you are making the choice and then do what you believe is in your best interest, this is very important for this week!


Friends could be lovers. That’s a dangerous and heartbreaking road in many cases – be careful! The important thing is to love your friends and deepen your compassion and intimacy. This is an easy way to avoid problems and you always end up winning! Independent values become more expedient – question what you are doing and for whom. If you meddle in the dating affairs of others, Sunday the 8th is great for a double date or a blind date scenario.


Don’t step into someone’s problems early in the week; wait until Wednesday to be the helper. Wednesday really is one of those lunch-date or dinner-date kind of days. Connecting with friends far and near is your task for the week. Give a shout-out! You have an excellent chance for romance between the 12th and 17th, don’t limit yourself to only Valentine’s Day.


Tuesday stands out as your best day; do your work and be gregarious. The rest of the week calls for change, adjustments, challenges and trials. No sense of doom and gloom! This is an opportunity to prove your merit; maybe be recognized as a steady force or leader. You won’t be coasting but you could be commanding. Look around you, who needs a rock to hold onto? Who needs to be led through the storm? Who is lost without hope or understanding? Are they not “you” as well?


Isn’t this the week you start doing; putting the data together and causing the creation of something? I believe so! You’re in your element this week, just beginning a new phase. What you need most it to get rid of useless thinking and wallowing in negativity. Few things will enliven you more than writing out your thoughts or discussing your ideas – that’s where opportunities door opens to you.


There are sharks in the waters of emotion early in the week – don’t go swimming! Stay close to friends and make Wednesday a day out together. “Being” may seem to be getting unsettling or wishy-washy in some way. What is, isn’t really and what could be, probably won’t. How do you define yourself and what can you do that really matters – what is fool proof positive and productive living? You may have to dig deeper into your spiritual practice to find solace. Next Sunday is great for church type activities.