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December 28th - January 3rd

posted Dec 28, 2008, 6:25 PM by David Griffith   [ updated Dec 28, 2008, 6:28 PM ]


Sustained and substantial energy may get you through most endeavors. If tested, take the high road with faith and determination. You will win in the end. A lazy predisposition could be your downfall by week’s end. In matters of love and money you will be surprised by unforeseen changes – keep a positive and accepting attitude so the universe can grant your desires.


Dream big this week. Affirmations will open the door next weekend. New Year’s resolutions should be put in writing and prepared for by Wednesday. Don’t wait, begin to act on your plans and desires. Love affairs that share common dreams will do well this week as they set sail for the coming year. Make a point to stand together thick and thin – It’s the journey together that counts.


Good news from a friend stirs your imagination and inspirations. Social events are productive, producing opportunities for new partnerships or businesses in the next few weeks ahead. Sunday is a good day to pop in on a friend for leisure time together. Once you start something it may have a mind of its own; be sure to think things through and be active in following through with ideas.


Career goals or building upon a new foundation should be looked into now. Do some brain storming then let the mind simmer for a while on possibilities. Making a list is good but if you come back to it at different times of the day on different days, you will sense a pattern of what is right for you. Take a new approach to love to create a lasting time of it. Shared senses and sensations build on the magic of two becoming one.


The power of compassion will manifest as your own comforter and saving grace should you practice it now. Selfless acts for others are an insurance policy you will soon cash in on. New business should be consulted with by all involved for a democratic approach; you will find the best solutions and direction if you leave the door open to suggestion.


Make realistic plans for the coming year. You are open to biting off more than you can chew. Your best bet is to redo any unfinished business or do a better job on what you have on your plate now. Be leery of business that appears “too good to pass up.” A look at love and relationships for the long haul will change your perspective of what is important now. Details and trivial actions add up quickly for you.


A friendship could be developing into much more. Remember, there are many ways to love and many loves along the way. If you’re waiting for a sign, forget it. Get moving on your ideas before the week ends; you will find doors opening to you as you take action. New Years Eve should find you surrounded by friends and a party atmosphere – you are most likely to let go and have the kind of fun that drops stress but requires aspirin in the morning.


You are on a power run so be careful how and where you point that thing. If you have a passionate desire for something be prepared to follow it. Personal matters may be trying and require a sit-down face off to resolve. Be gentle, listen and don’t blame one another: state your position and hear the opposing position. It’s never about who is right or wrong.


You are most likely to feel the unwinding of 2008 the most. Set your sights on festivities and friends. Good news and intense feelings mark your New Year’s activities. Be careful with the booze as you will be prone to too much talk and flooding emotions. Your high this week comes easy enough as you get around the scene. Consider a destination for New Year’s celebrations, travel is good.


New beginnings have merit and sustainability. Be sure about plans, directions and procedures, you don’t want to have to redo things later. You may have to try more than once before initial success but it will force you to understand the full situation more clearly. Be extra gentle and forgiving in the home environment this week, you will need the support later. Sunday is time out for a long day in bed or on the sofa with a lover.


Mixed signals about what is, what was and what could be, may leave you seeking answers. Put the old ways and ideas behind you and open your mind to bigger, more objective possibilities. As your ideas and perspectives widen so does the opening in your heart. Love comes easy when you see with eyes of inspiration and awe.


Tensions loosen up for you through communications. If you embrace the idea of a New Year – out with the old, in with the new, you will no doubt find an unexpectedly new world open for you. Now is no time for dream but you can find realistic changes that benefit you. Follow a solid lead that speaks to your values not your bank account. Be physical, a good massage generates the bodies desire to keep going after round one.