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December 21st - December 27th

posted Dec 28, 2008, 11:46 AM by David Griffith   [ updated Dec 28, 2008, 6:30 PM ]


Be ready for some excitement today. An aggressive approach toward anything should serve you well. Taking a chance early in the week works best with an attitude of boldness and fearlessness. You can’t hide your feelings well, so believe and then move forward. Friday is one of your best days in sometime to get out and be socially active to make an impression. Passion and play run hot over the last two days of the week.


Social events can become longer and wilder than you may be used to. Your best bet is to retire early with another who finds the comfort of a peaceful, cozy and warm getaway inviting. The buzz of Christmas will wind down nicely next weekend. Saturday is time to get away with friends, even if drinking the eggnog is your getaway.


You have the potential to be everywhere all the time with everything this week. That or Frey with your nerves. The secret to keeping it together is to have an attitude of SERVICE. You will never run out of energy with a giving heart. You have the power to control and orchestrate everything but don’t be bossy – that may backfire. Use a little more aggression and hands in love, your lover will roll over like a dog to get its belly scratched. Be careful of a wagging tail.


This week is family time, where you can shine in you element. A busy schedule can leave you drained but your stamina comes back when you focus on making others comfortable. You could be that refreshing soft and cozy place for a lover to relax and wind down. Perhaps it’s cliché but you have the power to take care of tummies and tuck people in. You’re the “comforter” and a good host or hostess. Next weekend is a prime opportunity for a long and leisurely love cuddling.


Get all your wild side out early in the week. A fast social scene is good stuff. If you’re up to outdoor adventures, go for it before Christmas Eve. Let others mess with electronics and please read the instructions. Next weekend could go two ways: a marathon of activity or a lazy day of comfort. Either way you’ll have the stamina to show how it works.


Every Christmas scene needs a Virgo to put things together, read instructions, organize events, and have batteries at hand. If you let others have fun their way you will be a welcome part of any activity. Your responsible side fills the needs of others and keeps things together nicely. Care and pampering is a good tactic for play and flirting. Caroling on Christmas Eve will be uncomfortable, but, if you get a group together the experience will stay with you all your life.


A mixture of family and friends will leave you in the mood for some one-on-one time. This weekend will be best for getting out, while next weekend will be favorable to a more secluded or private time. You feed well from the energy of those around you so pick your parties and partners carefully. Go for the ride that you want to live. Next Saturday will be good for relaxing, even a dreamy time of escape. Plan something exotic.


You move into a power position. Steady and responsible actions can make you a winner. If you want a raise or a new position, now is the time to move. As the week progresses, you determinations should too. Make aggressive moves to prove your merit. In love, assertive and passionate actions overwhelm your partner. Stir some excitement into any occasion. A mixture of business with pleasure is good – make plans now for a New Year’s event.


This is a great week for you to get wild. An active schedule to and fro leaves a wake of fun. You might try catching more than one Christmas gathering this year. Even if you’re early or late, it’s the gathering and your presence which makes a warm impression. Travel is favorable, with multiple stops. If it’s your style, purchase party items to get things hopping, then move on to the next victim.


Make a strong effort to connect with your past. Activities which hold tradition are worth more than any gifts you may receive. Those born near the winter solstice are in for a year of transition – a time for your life to reinvent itself. If you open yourself to a spiritual connection you will have great creative powers working for you. By week’s end a set of goals should be outlined; you’re not going to get a much better opportunity to set new courses and actually make them happen.


People are your gift. A good social calendar can make all the difference. Though you buck tradition, there are always new ways to experience the holidays; do something different and enjoy the diversity of people and activities. If you are the cook, try a feast from another culture with all the trimmings. You are likely to get electronics to assist you in your work and practical applications, even if you do covet the toys.


Search throughout the week for that person or persons you want to gel with next weekend. An intellectual and spiritual relationship is likely to blossom. Christmas Eve is your time to party, expect the unexpected and go with the flow, your safe till morning. Business or work parties are a good idea for New Year’s, take any invitations. Sharing your mind with a lover on Saturday is an all access pass into their heart. Keep it dreamy, talk of hopes, dreams, wishes, regrets or good times.