Contacting the Other Side CD

Relax and renew your spiritual energy with this dual-purposes meditation CD from well-known psychic Rachel Rains. Allow Rachel to help amplify your spiritual energy and meet dearly departed loved ones or your spirit guide that is accompanying you in your journey though this life. With her guided meditation you can awaken your spiritual center and reach a level of ease and tranquility rarely enjoyed by others whereby you achieve the ability to open your mind and heart to contact and commune with parted friends and family as well as spiritual guides.
The second track of Rachel's CD gives you 20 minutes of continuous serene, calming sounds that help you unwind and leave behind the frenzied outer world, achieving a refreshing and rejuventating inner-peace. These sounds were specially selected by Rachel to enhance your meditative experience by providing the most soothing and conductive auditory environment to ease your tension, quite your mind, and sooth your spiritual soul.