About Rachel

Rachel’s first psychic experience occurred in 1983, when her father passed away. So exhausted with grief, Rachel was in what she now knows to be a “natural altered state,” a condition brought on by intense emotions. While resting, but very much awake, the image of her father appeared before her in a full physical form. Having no knowledge of such phenomena, Rachel was understandably terrified. Jumping from her bed, she raced toward the light switch to make the image go away.

Disturbed and confused about this inexplicable event, she visited a well-known psychic at the time, Gundella “The Witch,” for a reading. While Gundella confirmed her growing, but still unsettled knowledge of her special “gifts,” Rachel’s Catholic beliefs were simply not compatible with the concept of witchcraft or the occult. She knew that if she had a special talent to help others it would have to come from the side of the light, not darkness.

Rachel is an outstanding medium who addresses standing room only crowds across the U.S.
Regular guest on:
Jim Harper's Magic Morning Show (105.1 WMGC)
Blaine & Lisa w/ Allison (96.3 WDVD)
Popular appearances:
(100.3 WNIC), Psychic On Air (CBS Radio), (93.1 WDRQ), Fox 2 News and Channel 4 (WDIV)

A year passed before Rachel had her first introduction to the word “psychic.” Until that time, the only familiar terms were “readers” or “fortune tellers,” and they were usually used in whispered tones. The psychic woman to whom she went for a reading was also an ordained minister, offering Rachel her first comforting insight of a connection between the ability to read psychic energy and its connection with her and her belief in god. But in truth, as a young mother of two small children, Rachel went for a much less cerebral reason: she was hoping this reader would see a dark, handsome, romantic stranger in her future! When the psychic skipped over all her worldly interests and went straight to, “Rachel, you are a psychic,” Rachel was very annoyed, her only thoughts were of how she could get her money back from this charlatan.

The woman persevered, introducing her to the Spiritualist Church where Rachel ultimately trained for the next 2 1/2 years, to become an officially ordained minister. Seeing and sensing the comfort level of her Christian beliefs, and the side of the light, coupling with distancing herself from the concept of the occult and fear, Rachel knew that her track was set in the right direction.

Seeking no short cuts, Rachel developed her skills without the use of props or tools, such as tarot cards and crystals. Although, training took considerably longer, it has made her a better psychic.  She has found no limits in what she can do for her clients. She has remained true to her basic belief system, found and developed a way to bring help, hope, guidance and comfort to others, using her talents without compromising her values.

Rachel’s fine reputation is gaining rapid momentum. Most proud of her 20+ years as a practicing psychic, she enjoys 100% repeat and referral business, confirming her incredibly hight rate of accuracy. Rachel teaches seminars for groups, provides corporate entertaining, and continues to develop a much higher media visibility via regular radio guest appearances.

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