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Spring is in the Air!

posted Mar 30, 2009, 12:35 PM by David Griffith
May the blessings of this new season lighten your heavy load. Our hearts have been heavy with recent economic challenges, and many of us have had our lives dramatically changed. Spring is a season of birth. We have been given an opportunity to start fresh - to begin anew.
I've been blessed this Spring with a new home, new friends, and twin grandbabies due in May! With all the changes, I felt lost - for a moment. Now I see the blessing behind the chaos. I find myself giving birth to a new adventure, a new chapter in my life. I'm moving forward with a clean slate and I have the opportunity to draw a new picture. I am choosing to create an amazing new chapter in my book of life!
I invite you all to do the same. Look past the fear of the unknown and see the gift behind it. Everything is happening for a reason. Only we decide our outcomes! Choose the most favorable one for you, and create it! We create with our thoughts, words, and actions. Keep your thoughts, your words, and your actions positive - as if you already "have" what you desire. The Universe has no choice but to grant it. We are powerful creators - we have just forgotten who we are. Create the plan for your amazing new life - then act as if. Focus your thoughts, words, and actions as if you were already living this life. Be true to yourself - you can have that dream career, home and relationship.
Just try it guys. It works. But you must first believe in yourself. Take accountability for your life. Get rid of the negatives and put all your attention on the positives. If you don't think you have any positives - you are wrong! If you're reading this newsletter, you have a place to live, food to eat, and a computer to communicate, at the very least! Start there, and dream big!
I miss all of my Michigan friends and I can't wait to share with you some of my new Minnesota friends. We'll be coming your way in May - watch for the announcements of dates and times in weeks to come.
I have a friend who has been helping my clients lower their mortgage rates. If you know anyone who has a mortgage (even if they are in foreclosure), her company has been successful in negotiating a lower rate. She took someone's mortgage rate from 7.2% to 2.1%. Take advantage of these economic times folks. The mortgage companies have suffered great losses, and they want to keep your business. See the positives in this, use this monthly windfall to create your amazing life. Change is good - we need to flow with it, not fight against it.
Please contact me at my new number, 952-426-1327 if you have any questions or referrals. Please remember that I am always available for telephone consultations. I have been helping clients by phone my entire 23 year career. Keep in touch, I miss you.

Blessings to each of you!

In love & light,