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Rachel has been doing phone readings with amazing accuracy for over 30+ years!

(313) 585-5765
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A consultation today will help you:

  • Contact loved ones who have passed on
  • Capitalize on future possibilities
  • Recognize strengths and talents
  • Provide insight into psychological challenges
  • Elucidate patterns of growth and development
  • Confirm self-knowledge and awareness
  • Suggest life purpose
  • Target periods of crisis and opportunity
  • Reveal the meaning of experiences and life phases
  • Expose patterns and styles
  • Deepen a sense of connection to the universe

Rates: $75 Half Hour / $125  Hour

“Rachel is great! She’s been here twice and both times nailed 
me with information that was so accurate it was eerie.
Based on that, I scheduled an appointment yesterday and really got a lot out of it!”
- Rachel Hunter (Detroit Radio Personality)

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